Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Brag Bracelets

I adore my daughter, and even though I'm with her pretty much 24/7 I miss her terribly when I'm not with her. I have a picture of her in my wallet, several necklaces that symbolize her (either with her name, date or birth, initial or an actual picture of her) but still, I needed something else to remind me of her when I'm not with her. So, I made myself a brag bracelet. I went to a fabulous bead store in San Ramon, The Place to Bead, got myself some Swarovski crystals, and some sterling silver letters and got to work. Here is my brag bracelet:

Sorry it's dark, but I have a crappy camera. I'm currently taking donations to get an SLR. : ) Anyways, my bracelet has Smoky Rose Quartz Swarovski crystals, and Crystal Clear Swarovski with sterling silver letters, and a sterling silver toggle closure.

I also made my mom a brag bracelet that says "Grandma" It was made using Leila's birthstone, Garnet, along with the Crystal Clear Swarovski and the sterling silver letters:

I had a few crystals left, and bought some different sterling silver numbers and hearts, so I made another brag bracelet with Leila's birthdate. It's a combo of the Crystal Clear Swarovskis and Swarovski Grey pearls:

And here are the three pieces together:

Again, if you know someone looking for a Brag Bracelet, you know where to send 'em.

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