Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Tree Hunting

On Tuesday we went to Santa's Christmas Tree Farm in Half Moon Bay. For whatever reason Tony wanted to cut down our Christmas tree (does anyone remember tree-hugger Tony? Anyone? Anyone?) So, we drove across the bay and found "the perfect tree." Well, it's not exactly perfect but it's the only one we would compromise on. I wanted a Noble Fir, but Tony thought it was too expensive (and I agree....$72 buck is crazy for a tree, especially one we have to cut down and strap to the car ourselves!) Tony wanted a Monterey Pine because it was the cheapest, but it was FUGLY! By the time we left the tree farm Tony agreed that the Monterey Pine was fugs. In the end we got a Douglas Fir, and it really is a nice tree. We decorated it Tuesday night, and it is now sitting gloriously in our living room. Since the prices at the Christmas tree farm were so outrageous I decided to steal a tiny tree for the porch: Ah, the joys of Christmas tree hunting.

While we were putting lights on the big tree we got an idea, and poor Ramon was the only one around to play with...

My poor little guy!

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