Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Housewarming!

Saturday we had a little housewarming party with some of our friends and family. Everything turned out great! Even though we had a small Halloween party a few weeks ago I feel like this was the first "grown-up" event that Tony and I hosted! We had a lot of great food and drinks, and I think everyone had a nice time. We even got a handful of gifts (who knew we'd get presents?) And the icing on the cake was all the yummy leftovers : ) Leila wore an adorable party dress, complete with a turtleneck and tights, but can you believe I completely forgot to take a picture of her all dolled up? Bad mommy. We did get one family picture in, though and Tony and Leila (even though she wasn't looking at the camera) both look good. I was having a bad face day.

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Autumn said...

so glad it went well and I am sad that i missed it. Can't wait to see you guys next week.

Oh btw you've been tagged...



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