Sunday, November 18, 2007

Love me some craft faire!

Yesterday AND today my mom and I went to the Country Folk Art Craft Faire. I knew I'd find a thing or two that I would like, but mostly I was expecting the country cr@p you find in cabins. Unfortunately I was wrong...I got some great Christmas decorations and ornaments, a few home decorations, a really cute table runner (that I used for the toy box) and pillow for Leila's room, but best of all (or worst of all depending on how you look at it,) I found some ridiculously cute bows and headbands for my little Peanut! I think I have an addiction to hair accessories!

The new runner and pillow:
All of the bags we needed for Leila's headbands and bows:

The goods:
I wish they had a twelve-step program for little girl's hair accessories : )


Tara said...

LOL! Oh my gosh, that is alot of bows!! I would have done the same thing though! I have such an addiction to kids clothing. It is so darn cute!

Amanda said...

This is why I want a girl!


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