Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our week from hell

Last Thursday Leila, my mom and myself did some shopping. About three hours later I came home to two different carbon monoxide monitors going off. I actually debated not calling 911, since Tony is always telling me about false alarms going off, but I decided to send Leila with my mom and call. I got my Ramon out of his crate, and he seemed more sleepy than usual. The Fire Department was here in about 30 seconds (literally!) and Ramon and I waited outside. It was very scary to see the firefighters putting on gas masks to go into my house. I saw them opening all the windows and they came out to tell me that our house was FILLED with carbon monoxide. Their CM detector measures on a scale of 1 - 80, 80 being the worst possible and our house was measuring at 68. PG&E came and shut off the heater (the cause of all of this) and I had to fill out paperwork saying that if we turn it back on, we know we will die and our families can't sue. Very creepy thing to sign. I was told that our house was unsafe to sleep in and all windows had to be left open all night. The firefighters were very good to us, and made me feel as comfortable as I possibly could, despite being completely rattled on the inside. (Definitely a benefit to being married to someone who works for the same department!) Tony was working, and that night my traveling circus (Leila, myself and Ramon ) stayed at my parent's house.

***Please go out and get a carbon monoxide detector - it literally saved our lives! The firefighters (and PG&E man who came later) said that since Ramon wasn't dead the CM had probably just started leaking, but with the CM levels being so high it probably would have taken less than an hour to kill us. Please, please, please go out and get a carbon monoxide detector.***

So, as if that weren't enough on Friday night all of our power went out. Leila was incredibly fussy (teething, fighting a cold and sleepy) so we decided to pack up and head back to my parent's house. We stayed there for a few days and are now back home. (Turns our we had blown the fuses because we had space heaters plugged in, and our Christmas lights.) I won't go into the rest of the details (and believe me, there are more) but we had a new heater installed today that Tony and I had to front the cost for. Not an expense we were hoping for one week before Christmas, but what can you do?

My mom and I are getting hour and a half massages and spa manicures on Sunday, and I am counting down the minutes! I don't think I've ever needed a spa day as much as I do now!

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Anonymous said...

OMG! That all sounds horrible! I am SOOOO happy all of you are ok, and that you didn't come home to a dead puppy! =(

I can't even imagine! I am so sorry! I hope your spa day is WONDERFUL!


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