Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter, everyone! Our holiday was great! Tony got home (after working an OT shift) around 8:30 in the morning, which is when we let the babies dig into their baskets. Both liked what they received, although Leila was NOT impressed with her travel-sized sunscreen. : ) Just like we thought, her baby doll was her favorite new toy! Ramon's favorite new goodie was his doggy "cigar"
Leila grew impatient waiting for the "Easter Bunny" to hide eggs outside.
But it was worth the wait - Leila loved her egg hunt!

After the egg hunt we went to breakfast at Sweet Tomatoes, and it was surprisingly good! Then around 1:00 our families came over. I'm kicking myself because I didn't take any pictures of Leila in her Easter dress. After I get it cleaned (Tony gave her a juice box...juice boxes + silk dresses = bad news) I'll put her in it and get some pictures. Anyways, I hope you and your families had a wonderful Easter!!


Anonymous said...

These are great pictures. Leila is so darn cute,I love the baseball hat. We will have to get a Giants one also. The Easter bunny did a good job hiding her eggs.


Anonymous said...

you guys are seriously the cutest family ever. leila is so big and is looking more and more like a toddler and not a baby. what a beautiful daughter and life you have! i am envious!!


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