Thursday, April 17, 2008

If money were no object

If money were no object here are thirteen things I'd get right away:

1. A house - duh. There is actually a house for sale on Monaco that I have my eye on - it's a mini mansion and (from the outside at least) it's beautiful. And, how cute of a street name is "Monaco?"
2. A fab new car, with bun warmers! Probably a BMW X5 or a Land Rover
3. Some great new purses. Definitely another Marc Jacobs and probably a Chanel
4. The big, fat diamond tennis bracelet I saw at the Shane Co. the other day
5. An iMac
6. A hot pink bugaboo stroller
7. Since we'd have a house with a big backyard I'd get another dog...or two. Definitely a pound puppy and probably a Golden Retriever or German Shephard
8. Another house, but in Maui!
9. An amazing dog trainer for Ramon. Let's just say he could be a bit better behaved
10. A personal chef.
11. A personal trainer
12. Some stacking David Yurman rings I'm in love with!
13. A digital SLR camera
BONUS 14. George Michael concert tickets. The good seats are $179 before all the taxes and fees. WTF!?!
If anyone knows any billionaires, feel free to pass on the list and let them know that my birthday is May 16.


Anonymous said...

If money were no object, I'd buy nice homes for my kids, then go on a world tour.......then expect a big party when I returned.....gma

Anonymous said...

i love your list! we have so many in common!!

and regarding your concert tickets...i would totally check ebay. i was able to get 7th row kenny chesney tickets (that are literally going for like $900 right now) for $150 a piece. and, michael buble floor seats for $135 a piece (retail for around $275 a piece) and i am bidding on some carrie underwood tickets right now for 3rd row and they are going for $60 a piece (retail is $300 and up a piece).

seriously, try ebay! i bet it wont disappoint! ive had the best luck!


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