Friday, June 20, 2008

George Michael concert

The George Michael concert last night was amazing. (And not just because he sang "Amazing" lol!) His voice is incredible, and he is full of energy! He still has all of his moves, and looks just as great as ever!

A woman behind us in line (who was waaaaay hard-core George Michael!) said that no one opens for him, and in San Diego he didn't come on until 8:40. Well, 8:40 must be his signature time because exactly at 8:40 he came on. (The concert started at 8:00)

Unfortunately he didn't sing my favorite song in the whole world - "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" - but he did sing a ton of others. He performed for over two hours! I had so much fun at the concert last night, and even though my throat hurts and I'm tired (and husband-less AGAIN, but I digress...) it was so well worth it!!


Anonymous said...

i was thinking of you last night!! i knew it was your special night and all i kept thinking was 'i cant wait till she writes about it on her blog!!' im so glad you had a good time! he does look great!!

Anonymous said...

How did you manage to get pictures??? Are these on from your phone? I love that he doesn't allow anyone to open for him - pretty cool!

Erica said...

YAY for pics! I'm glad that George did NOT disappoint! :)

scargosun said...

I love GM! I was a huge Wham! fan back in the day. I even got to go to a concert. I still catch hell for it.


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