Monday, June 9, 2008

Patience, my friends....

So, I am still waiting on a few things before the big reveal of the "Big News" It's actually more like "medium news" or maybe even "small news" - I don't want you guys to be disappointed.

Here are some things it is not:
-No, we did not buy a house
-No, we did not get a new car
-No, Leila did not get a giant modeling contract that would make us rich
-No, I am NOT pregnant!

Stay tuned...I hope to reveal by the end of the week. Thanks for hangin' in there!


Anonymous said...

yeah, patience is definitely something i dont have. not the best quality to be lacking, i know.

Josie said...

Patience is a virtue right? Well, I don't have it! HA! You're killing me here. You should tell me in a secret language, like pig-latin (am I totally dating myself?)...I promise I won't tell :o)

sweetiep said...

I think I know! ;-P he he he


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