Saturday, June 28, 2008

Prayers for Tony, please

Tony is currently in Red Bluff at the wild fires. If you could keep him and his friends in your prayers, and sent him some positive thoughts that would be great! It's only June 28 but it has already been a really rough summer. Tony's been working a ton of overtime, due to all of the California fires, and it feels like we've hardly seen him at all. Leila asks for him constantly and it's hard not being able to explain to here why daddy isn't here.

It's also hard not having any idea of when he's coming back. I'm a big, old ball of nerves, but will be fine. So, like I said if you could keep Tony in your prayers I would really appreciate it!



Anonymous said...

aw heather! =(

i will definitely keep tony in my prayers! it is really rough right now with what, 800+ fires burning in cali alone? unbelievable. tony is brave and selfless and you should be so proud.

i hope you get your husband back soon and leila gets her dad. if you need to get your mind off things, feel free to call me up and grab coffee or something! i'd love to see you!

Erica said...

He's definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

Katie said...

of course, Heather.... I hope he is home safe and sound with you and Lil L before you know it!

Rachel said...

I will definitely keep him in my thoughts!

Anonymous said...

He is absolutely in my thoughts and prayers - thank you Tony for everything you do for CA everyday!

Anonymous said...

Tony has been in my prayers everyday. I'm sure he'll be back safe and soung before you know it! Please call me if you need some company, I work so close to you!


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