Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thirteen random thoughts

I can't think of 13 clever things, so here are 13 random thoughts that have been going through my head lately:

1. I miss my hubby
2. my throat hurts
3. I'm so glad Ramon loves his new toy - he carries it everywhere!
4. I want this entire collection for Leila
5. I really like my new shoes from the red dot boutique, even though my mom made fun of them, even if she says she didn't ; ) I also like that I got them for half of what they are online!
6. I have the "Sesame Street" theme song stuck in my head
7. I miss my hubby
8. I don't feel like putting away laundry
9. I'm sad all of my gerber daisies and snap dragons are dead
10. Yay - two of my hibiscus bloomed!
11. I have no idea what Leila and I are going to do for dinner
12. I want new dishes
13. I miss my hubby

Told ya - totally random.


Erica said...

Aww, you can have a couple of my gerbers if you want---they're pink, too! :) I have no idea what we're doing for dinner tonight either...I hope T comes home when you least expect it! :)

Tara said...

im so glad your hubby is finally home!!!! how happy you must be!!


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