Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wow, we're lazy.

I just got an email confirming my water delivery for next week and I realized that we're really, really lazy. We have our water delivered (Alhambra), our dry cleaning picked up and delivered* (1-800-Dryclean) and our movies delivered (Netflix.)

If only there were a way to get Peet's or Jamba Juice to deliver.

*if you are interested in getting your dry cleaning picked up/delivered, lemme know - you'll get $20 off your first month's bill if I refer you, and it is the same as any old dry cleaners.


Tara said...

ooohhhhh im interested in the dry cleaning! we are looking for a new dry cleaners in the area!

Katie said...

you aren't lazy... you are a master of time management! :)


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