Friday, August 15, 2008


I made a fairly late-night run to Safeway last night, and figuring I wouldn't see anyone I threw on a ratty tank top, and didn't worry about the fact that all my makeup had worn off, and my hair should have been pulled into a neater ponytail.

Well, I ran in to my mom who of course doesn't care how I look. No biggie, right? But then, on my way out I ran into one of my repeat jewelry customers, who placed another order on the spot (hi, Leighanne!) I was of course grateful for the business, and grateful to see a smiling face, but was mortified at how I looked. I've realized that I make the majority of my jewelry sales at Safeway or the Post Office. I should really make sure to slap on some makeup before I go out! I should also be giving Safeway and the Post Office some kick backs.

Sheesh. Food for thought.

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Anonymous said...

lol!! gosh i worry about the same thing everytime i make a late night run to the store without makeup, in pajamas, looking like a homeless person.

oh well. im sure you looked beautiful regardless! and how awesome you got business while there! so cool!


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