Thursday, October 30, 2008


{Edited 10.30.08 - 7:30pm}

Helloooooooo! A lot of you have been asking where I've been. Well - nowhere really. I've been mostly at home, but I've been busy! I'm in my first craft boutique next week, and I have been making a lot of jewelry in preparation! I'll be unveiling some new creations at the craft boutique, that will later be put onto my etsy site. To give you an idea of how busy I've been, here's a picture of my *normally* clean and organized desk:
And, just for a tease here is a preview of one of the new necklaces that will be at the boutique. I have been having THE hardest time getting a halfway decent picture of it, but it says "an angel gets its wings" and there's a little bell in the middle. A lot of you got to see it last week when I made the first one, but I decided to slightly dome the disc, so it holds the bell better. What do you think?
{Edit} Ok - I was able to take a *somewhat* better picture (who knew my kitchen countertop would provide such a nice background?) Anyways, after a slew of private emails asking for the necklace to be made available on Etsy before the craft boutique I've decided to put it in my shop, under The Holiday Collection. You can find it here. Enjoy!! : )

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