Monday, December 8, 2008

Chihuahuas are SO not Winter dogs!

My Ramon has absolutely no body fat, and therefore does not do well when it's really cold. He has a coat, and used to have some sweaters when he was a baby and he loves to wrap himself up in blankets. My heater is cranked up to 76 degrees, I think it's nice and toasty. Well, apparently Ramon doesn't because I walked downstairs to find him all wrapped up in a blanket. (He's also wearing his coat.)
Sigh. I guess I'll be getting Ramon some more sweaters, much to Tony's chagrin.


scargosun said...

I think dogs are getting more human-like than we think. I have a lab mix and she loves nothing more than to snuggle in blankets we have to put on her b/c she can't figure out how to cover up herself.

Anonymous said...

hahhaa. ours are the same exact way. we finally took our old comforter that was in the closet, and put it in place of their bed, in front of the fireplace. they curl up in it, in front of the fire, when the heater is on. i would roast! but, they are quite cumfy.

Autumn said...

Well Ramon was your first kid. Tank, Dozer and Peyton have their own beds and each get covered with a blanket before we go to sleep at night. I swear, who's got who trained. I'll have to keep an eye out for some cute sweaters for Ramon.

Anonymous said...

Poor Ruby got a bad haircut 3 weeks ago and is still almost hairless, She waars a coat over her sweater and when she is not on carpet, she runs through the kitchen to get in her cubbie so her feet won't be on the cold floor too long. Dogs lose heat through their feet. I put the heating pad on low for her when I'm home. She loves it. Dogs are not dumb. Just look at all they have us gladding doing for them. Ramon can alway cuddle with Ruby,she doesn't mind that he isn't a Maltees. Hug & Kisses to Miss Leila, Gma

Anonymous said...

Tryed to leave this on Leila's blog.
Her eyebrows are so perfect that they frame her perfect little face. Hugs gma


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