Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Advent calendar

Creative friends - I need your help again! What should I put in my Christmas advent calendar? My hubby's birthday is this Saturday, so I'll put a little present in that pocket, and I'll put a tiny fake Christmas tree in the pocket of the day we'll be getting our tree, but besides that I'm stumped. Any fabulous ideas?!

And, can you believe it's already December?!?!?! Where has this year gone?


Erica said...

How about some wrapped up gingerbread cookies, an ornament, candy canes, napkin rings, a small holiday-scented votive, a little Xmas toy (Lego or book--check out the $1 spot), Xmas socks, a Xmas pin/jewelry, magnets, .... man, I can go on and on. Ooh, a little Xmas treat for Ramon (either one of the dress up clothes or edible treat/toy)...and how about a small bottle of nail polish (for a pedicure for you & Ms. Leila).
And, again, watch out---this might disappear before Xmas. ;)

Erica said...

And, don't forget some cute Xmas stickers or dish towels, or basically any of the holiday stuff at Target or Michaels. lol :)

G Unit Momma said...

I have a girl friend who does all of the even days for her son and she and her husband split the odd days. So she dose little cars or baseball cards that kind of thing (not that it would work for Leila) but then she only shops for half of the odd days for her husband and he shops for the other half for her. She said she loves getting nail polish and lip gloss that he picks out. I thought that was a fun way for you to be surprised too!

Anonymous said...

Little love notes to Tony or Leila,or thank you notes from Ramon to Leila,Tony,or Heather for being his family. Love notes can last in your heart forever,candy will be gone in a bit, little toys get step on by accident sometimes. Coupons for hugs,and kisses.


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