Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Decorations

I was asked to share my Christmas decorations, so here they are!

My dining room table:

In front of my house:
Upstairs hallway:

"Cookies for Santa" plate on my wine rack:Where we hang out stocking, since we don't have a chimney - my dad made it: Living room:And, finally, the tree:

We don't have a tree skirt or tree topper yet - those are on my shopping list for this weekend! If you want to see where we found our tree, click here.


Erica said...

YAY!! I've been waiting forever to see this!! :) Looks gorgeous!!

Tara said...

everything looks so great!!!!

Anonymous said...

How come you don't have the anonymous comment on Leilas blog?
Everything looks very nice. gma


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