Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Have to brag...

I just have to take a second to brag about my husband.... Yesterday I was gone from 11:00am - to almost 11:00 pm. He told me he was kind of excited to have a daddy~daughter day. All day long he sent pictures to my phone of the fun things they were doing. They went to the library, read tons of stories and got Leila a library card. Then in the evening they went to Chuck E. Cheeses, where they shared a pizza, played all of the games, and even got a really cute picture taken. To top it all off I came home to a completely clean house.

Leila and I are the luckiest girls in the world!


April said...

Does Tony teach lessons? My DH could use a few pointers ; )

You two are definitely lucky girls!! Sounds like an amazing day!

Tara said...

awww!!!! so freakin awesome!!!! what a great guy you have! im so happy for you!!


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