Friday, February 20, 2009


Tony and I went on a date last night - dinner, drinks and...bowling. We're both pretty good at Wii bowling, and Tony was convinced that it would translate into real life. He was wrong. We played three games, and my first score was 46, then 91 and finally 64. *Sigh* I was expecting to all of a sudden be a bowling superstar.

On a side note Tony totally made fun of me for asking the bartender at the skeevy bowling alley bar what varietals of wine they served, and from what wineries. Her answer "Um, red and white? In little bottles?" I think I just need to go wine tasting and hang up my bowling shoes.


Tara said...

i heart bowling.

and ur story about the wine and the bartender is hysterical. i just about spit my water all over the keyboard. LOL!

SAM said...

Ha ha! We just got back from the rodeo, and I had a similar encounter with the bartender re: wines.


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