Monday, March 16, 2009

Fire Chowa

Last night Leila's bedtime was interrupted for a good fifteen minutes when Tony realized that the clothes on Leila's firefighter bear would probably fit on Ramon. Unfortunately for Ramon, the clothes fit.
I don't think I've ever seen Ramon look more sad!
As soon as we took the coat and had off Ramon ran under Leila's bed and the only way we could get him out was to bribe him with his dog bagel from Noah's. Poor guy!


Tara said...


ok i am seriously laughing out loud right now. that is hysterical.

i have to admit, i do that too when i look at doll clothing... 'hey, that would probably fit lily'

Rachel said...

Poor Ramon!!

Sparlo said...

Poor Ramon, maybe doll cloths come too close to his jewels. I rememner Sparky didn't like his Bomer Jacket closed for that reason, but he like wareing it unsnapped.


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