Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh happy day!!

I used to love getting the mail, but since becoming a homeowner, not so much (hello bills!) Today, however was a very happy mail day...I got 7 packages (ok, five of those were jewelry supplies) but two of them were from my fabulous friend, Samya of Firedaughter Clothing. I
found Samya through Etsy, when I typed in "firefighter's wife" into their search engine. I ordered a "Groupie" tee, we started chatting, and became friends...I also now own a ton of her clothes, as does Leila! Not only does Samya make beautiful gear (finally, something not cheesey for girls who love their firefighters!) for Firefighter and Police families, but she has a fabulous line of tees. (Again, thank goodness for affordable, cool, non-chesey tees!) I did a huge custom order for myself and Leila and it all came today!!

Here are my goods:
Um, can you tell that I'm a mommy and proud of it?? I also like to wear the word "Mommy" so people don't have to wonder why my hair's in a ponytail, and there's traces of yesterday's mascara under my eyes - I'm a mommy. (Also notice my penguin slipper in the bottom left corner?)

And here's Leila's:
I'm trying to decide what I love the's all gorgeous and fabulous, but think (for now, anyways) my favorite it "Peace. Love. Mommy." Loooooove it!!
So, if you're in need of some great gear, head on over to my girl's shop and tell her I said hello!


Tara said...

so. flippin. cute. im heading over to check it out right now!

Tiffany said...

Totally adorable!

FiredaughterClothing said...

Awww, thanks honey!! I'm so happy you love your stuff, you are such an inspiration for Firedaughter- you know that!! You're what it's all about sister...


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