Thursday, April 16, 2009

Silent Auction necklaces (and opinions, please!)

Our good friend's mama is in charge of the preschool we're hoping to get Leila into, and asked me if I would be interested in contributing a few pieces to the school's silent auction. I said of course, and was thinking what to contribute....I decided to give a Follow Your Heart necklace, but thought something custom might be fun too, so I decided to go with these:
I'm really liking the second one, but am not too sure about the school house...opinions, please! What do you think?


Tara said...

i love them both! very cute!

Erica said...

I actually love the first one more than the 2nd...but they are both SO incredibly cute, you can't go wrong!!

Ashley Newell said...

I think they are both cute!

Julie said...

I think they are both really cute. What about making the first one say "school days" so that it would fit more people.


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