Friday, April 3, 2009


Wow - I had no idea how quickly my "My Daddy Could Save your Daddy" necklaces with the red firehat were going to sell. I only started out with seven, and they all sold within two days. Unfortunately there are no more of those charms floating around to buy anymore (unless one of you finds them, and if you do please tell me!!) I didn't keep one for Leila, but I'll make her one with the fire hydrant or one of the new helmet charms I found.

I've been getting a lot of requests from police wives. Your requests are being answered soon - I ordered police hat and badge charms a few days ago. They should be here next week!

I wanted to share a really sweet email from the last person to get one of the above necklaces:

Heather (another Heather) wrote: "Saw this on your site and had to have it! My daddy is a retired captain from Oakland (30 years!) and I'm so proud of him. He will get a kick out of this! Your work is beautiful! Thanks!"

I just loooove that she's getting this for herself! I can see Leila being just as proud of her daddy when she's all grown up, too.

Thank you all for your interest in this necklace, and I can't wait to list some more!


Erica said...

That's so awesome! I really love that necklace!

Unknown said...

Hey Heather! That heather that ordered that necklace is my BFF- her dad is awesome! She saw your page on my fb page and she told me she just couldn't resist.

Too fun that she placed an order, I thought of her right away when I saw that piece. xoxo H ;)

Dad said...

Hey Baby Girl.........I think you've got something there! Knowing how much Daddies tend to love their little girls and little girls love their Daddies.....You may want to think about an entire series of necklaces/charms based on just that premise. Not all Daddies save lives like the Tone but, I bet you can think of other ways to express that Father/daughter love........Love ya, Pua.


Julie said...

I really wanted a daughter and a fire fighting husband when I saw this necklace because I loved it so much. I did tell a friend about it but I have no clue if she ordered.


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