Monday, April 27, 2009

Stupid Birds

I'm not a big fan of birds, but after I saw a bird nest in one of our trees outside I made sure to fill up the bird feeder. The babies hatched a few weeks ago and are now learning to fly - it's pretty cute. The birds go through food like crazy, so I make sure that the bird feeder is ALWAYS full, and I buy the good stuff for them too - organic bird food, for native SF Bay Area birds...

Like I said I'm not a fan of birds, but I am a big fan of strawberries. I planted them up high in a big planter box, so the dogs wouldn't be able to get to them (my childhood dog, Bandit, loved strawberries and helped himself...) but when I went out to water them this morning,
this is what I found -->
Apparently the bird food isn't enough.

Stupid birds.


janessa said...

stoopid birds! But what a pretty strawberry in the making! do you have others?

Sparlo said...

Please don't blame the poor birds,you can buy bird netting @ OSH and ground critters (mice)love the veggies and fruit. I had to put my Fire pit screen over my flowing bulbs to stop them from being dug up and eaten. Hugs gma
P.S. it's a jungle out there.


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