Monday, May 4, 2009

Got another tattoo comment

Ugh. What is with people? Leila and I were at the Post Office this morning (three seperate times this morning, actually.) And we were using the automated postal center. A grumpy old fart of a woman was behind me in line, when she gasped (literally, gasped.) I turned around and asked if she was ok. She gave me the nastiest look, and said,

Her: "You have a big tattoo on your neck."
Me: "Yep. Are you alright?"
Her: "I just can't believe a woman...a mother, no less would get a tattoo like that. I just can't believe it."
Me: "That tattoo is actually just one of six. I have a really big one on my back. I think they're beautiful, and each one means something to me, otherwise I wouldn't have them."

I turned back around, finished my business and left, even said have a nice day to the mean old bag. I always brush it off, when I get a comment but it really bugs me and hurts my feelings. A couple of weeks ago Leila and I were at JoAnn's and I was wearing a dress, so my big tattoo (my favorite tattoo) peaked out a bit. Almost the same exact confrontation, word for word happend.

I guess these people have never seen "Bambi" and haven't heard "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all." Leila *always* tells me "Cute tattoo, mama!" Her favorite is the big one on my back, too. I'm thinking she needs this shirt.



Autumn said...

Gotta blame it on the ridiculous generation gap. It comes down to, "we don't have tattoos to please you (the general public) they are for me and me only." And for goodness sake, the one on your neck is small in comparison and is even for miss Leila. Just gotta be rubber sweetie and let them be glue. Nasty filthy glue.

Erica said...

How rude! I seriously don't get people sometimes! And ditto--"if you don't have something nice to say, don't say nothin' at all!!" Thumper is a very wise rabbit! ;)

And, YES you should get her that t-shirt and bling it all out with your bedazzler! ;)

Sorry for the idiots out there...

Rachel said...

Some people are so rude! I am sorry she said that to you, I think your tattoos are awesome!

Tara said...

wtf is wrong with people?! im so sorry you have to deal with that. :(


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