Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy (late) Memorial Day! Can you believe this was from the dollar spot at Target? So is the wreath made out of glittery stars. The other one is from TJ Maxx:
(Clearly there's never been a holiday I didn't want to decorate for!)

We celebrated with a little BBQ in our backyard with some friends. Leila spent most of the afternoon swinging:We had Peter and Katie over:

and Brennan and Annie:Leila liked the flavor of the tri-tip, but not the actual swallowing of it. She chewed a handful of pieces, and kept spitting it out once the flavor was gone! (I forgot why she changed into a dress...)

Brennan and Annie brought over their dogs Louis (the bichon) and Jamison (the lab puppy) so Ramon and Sugar had some company too!

The boys grilled up some tri-tip, chicken breast (marinated in a homemade organic marinade using herbs from my garden!) I'm proud of the marinade, can you tell? And some hamburgers leftover from the housewarming. I also made some yummy desserts, but I think those deserve their own post......

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SAM said...

Love your decorations (and menu)! And I cannot believe they are from the dollar spot. Clearly, I need to spend more time there!


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