Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Smells like summer!

The official start of summer might not be until June 21, but there's no reason not to smell like summer right now! I've put away my heavier, winter scents and switched over to lighter summer ones. My obsession with Caress body wash is nothing new, and now they've come out with another new one, Evenly Gorgeous. Yum, yum, yum! It has a delicious, burnt sugar smell that I just love! And then there's my new favorite lotion, from Bath and Body Works (they actually have some great stuff now!), Ile de Tahiti Coconut Vanille Lotion. It's really reasonably priced (2 for $20!) and extremely moisturizing:
And then, my very favorite summer scent......Tom Ford for Estee Lauder's AzureƩ Soleil perfume:

So yummy, and so light, and guaranteed to have people asking you what you're wearing. This came out a few (maybe 3?) years ago, and it looks like it's unavailable. I bought two knowing it was limited edition, but I'm more than halfway through my second bottle. Bummer. If I can't score anymore I might move onto Bobbi Brown's Beach scent, which is good, but nothing compared to my AzureƩ Soleil.

What's YOUR favorite summer scent?!

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Anonymous said...

ohhh.. i'm going to have to go try the coconut vanilla from bath and body. yum! I love Be Delicious from DKNY and they have a couple new varieties that are just as good as the origonal.


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