Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I heart cupcakes. Not so much to eat them (not a big fan of cake except strawberry shortcake) but to create them. I was so excited to go to a cupcake swap with a bunch of girlfriends, until I realized it was the same weekend we were in Disneyland. I scoped the internet for fabulous cupcake recipes, and was going to make these, but alas there will be no cupcake swap for me this time. (Hopefully there will be another one soon , ladies. Hint, hint!) Anyways, my mom just got me Martha Stewart cupcakes (thanks, Mom!) and each recipe sounds more amazing than the next. I can't wait to bake some. Then I found this blog - it's instantly a new favorite. And, I've been searching for a cupcake stand like this for a while - if anyone finds anything even remotely like it, get it and I will pay you back!

Today Leila and I stopped in Williams Sonoma and picked some really pretty decorating sugars in pink, purple, blue and green. I think we need to bake some cupcakes after her nap!


SAM said...

I too love cupcakes, but sadly, I also love to eat them! I wish I was like you in that I only wanted to create them. Such fun! Post pics of what you and Leila come up with - everyone wants to see her cupcakes!

JoAnn V. (http://joboogie.typepad.com) said...

Aww you can't go to the cupcake GTG? Darn! I have that book too... I'm thinking of making the peanut butter chocolate ones... I might have to practice the recipe first though! Have fun in Disneyland!


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