Friday, June 26, 2009


Leila has a very beloved stuffed animal that she got at Safeway (of all places!) almost two years ago. It's a very simple, gray stuffed cat, aptly named "Meow." Leila has loved her Meow since day 1. She sleeps with it, and takes it everywhere. When she was little she used to suck on the nose, and eventually pulled the nose off. She now runs her finger on the inside of Meow's nose feeling the stuffing (although it looks like she's picking it.) She does this when she falls asleep, and as a little source of comfort. Some kids pick their noses, mine picks Meow's.

Meow goes with us everywhere, has been washed close to a zillion times, and shows his love by the missing nose, and tattered hair.


Katie said...

I WISH Faith would pick BunBun's nose instead of her own!

Autumn said...

That is too cute. Her outfit again is super cute!! Gosh where does she get such stylish shoes?? ;o)


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