Thursday, June 11, 2009

Recent Leila quotes

After giving me a big kiss:
Me: "I love your kisses so much!"
Leila: "I love your lipgloss so much!"

To the dogs, after they destroyed their bed:
"I am so disappointed in you two."

After playing with the blue streak in my hair:
"I love your blue, mommy. You're bluelicious. I'm Leilalicious."

After putting on her almost-too-tight Pumas:
(Big sigh.) "I need new kitty shoes. Don't worry, Papa will buy them for me."

After seeing a little boy eat grass at the park:
"Boys are not fabulous." (sounds like fav-a-lous)

While coloring on an old newspaper:
"I'm doing the crossword. Let's go google."

To her dance teacher:
"Do you have any Lady Gaga?"


Autumn said...

are you sure she is only 2???

Katie said...

I am pretty sure this is the best post ever. Ever.

Lisa said...

Just when I thought I had a favorite I read the next one! Priceless!!

Unknown said...

She amazes me! Keep the Leila quotes coming bc I'm highly entertained by them.

SAM said...

These are hysterical! What a character!

Tara said...

lmfao!!!! omg i cant remember the last time i laughed that hard. i love that girl.


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