Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sooooo good!

We were driving home from my niece's birthday party in Brentwood this evening, when we realized that it was past dinnertime and

A) Leila hadn't eaten

B) She was verrrrrry sleepy after a mini nap and an afternoon of fun in the sun with her cousins

C) She was not going to make it home in a good mood without a little something in her belly

We stopped at McDonalds for chicken nuggets, apple dippers (for Leila) and a nonfat iced mocha (for me.)

Have you had their iced mochas? They are sooooo good! And so are their nonfat vanilla lattes. I'm not saying I'm about to trade McDonalds for Peet's or Starbucks, but in a pinch, and for cheaper (and you get to stay in your car!) McDonalds is the way to go! I'm trying not to make driving through McDonalds for coffee a habit, but yum - they really are good! Try one of the McCafe drinks if you haven't yet - trust me, you'll like it!


Sparlo said...

I tryed my McD Latte with a free coupon from the paper. Smart on their part. I'm hooked. Need more Leila pictures, I'm hooked on that too. Hugs,GMA

Maria said...

I agree a cheaper good alternative,

Katie said...

can you get them in decaf?

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Katie: Unfortunately not, which is my only complaint and one of the reasons I don't get them to often.

Tara said...

ooo lala i will have to go try!


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