Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tutu Party

Leila got invited to go to a tutu party at Nordstrom this weekend, and she had a blast! There were stations for getting your hair done, getting a crown, creating a candy necklace, putting on lip gloss, getting your nails painted (Leila's favorite station - what a surprise!), making a wand, a photo area and even cupcakes! There were tons of little girls all dressed up int heir tututs, looking adorable!

Here she is watching her candy necklace being made:
And after her first round of polish:
and us together:
It was such a cute party, and I will definitely be using it as a birthday party theme in the future!


Jules said...

like the store Nordstroms? A dream!!! brilliant party. so fun and girlie. love her pettiskirt by the way.

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Yep, Nordstrom the store! Ilove that pettiskirt too - only $28 at Nordstrom! I'm coveting a Kaiya Eve, but the one she has will do for now!

janessa said...

LOVE this! So happy you both had a blast... it was at Nordies... how could you NOT!?


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