Sunday, July 19, 2009

Disneyland - day 1

Since I took over 700 pictures in Disneyland (don't worry - I won't post them all) I thought it would be best to spread out our Disneyland adventures, pictures and all, over a few different blog posts. We left last Sunday morning a 2am. Leila was a champion. I scooped her out of bed, put her in her car seat with a blanket and all of her favorite stuffed animals and off we went. She was excited at first - chatty, chatty, chatty asking about Disneyland and different characters. Around 3am she fell asleep and stayed asleep almost until we got there. The kind front desk man at the Paradise Pier let us check in super early - before 8:00! (check-in is at 3:00) and after some teeth brushing, and getting dressed we hopped onto the Monorail and into the park. Leila thought the Monorail itself was a ride, and was beyond thrilled. When we got off the first thing we saw was the Finding Nemo submarine ride, so we got in line.

Have you ever seen anyone so happy to wait in line?
Leila loved *most* of the ride:
And then she was off and walking to It's A Small World:

She loved Small World, and in the very beginning when it's all snowy and there are polar bears she told us that's where Sugar came from.Then we caught the "Celebrate" parade:Leila had the best seat in the house...her Daddy's shoulders!Leila was a Disney girl from the second we got in the park!


Erica said...

I absolutely LOVE all your Disneyland pictures! I can't wait to hear more from Leila on her amazing trip!! :)

SAM said...

So fun!! I haven't had a chance to comment as we were traveling, but I can't believe how quickly you were able to update on your trip. Can't wait to take the boys there one day!


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