Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Heart Etsy

I know, I know it's been forever since I did an "I Heart Etsy" post. Thank you, Beatrix for reminding me ; ) Anyways, I am finally back with a new Etsy seller that I hope you will love as much as I do. Let me introduce you to The Homespun Raven. All of the signs are made to order, which means you can have them made pretty much exactly how you want. (Click on the pictures for more information!)

I think I definitely need this for Halloween:

and this for Thanksgiving:

and this for Christmas:

She loves a firefighter like I do, and I think I need these for our wine room, which will be transitioning into our Firefighter room as we accumulate more things:

and this is already in Leila's room. Here is what it normally looks like:
But I sent her an email of what Leila's bedding looked like, and she painted it to match. Here's how it turned out (about halfway down.)

I definitely need this for my kitchen. Maybe in a dark tan?
I think I could do my entire Christmas list just with things from The Homespun Raven! Check out her amazing shop - you're sure to find something you love!


Erica said...

Oh, the peer pressure!! Love this--I will definitely be checking it out and I'm loving the Bibbity Bobbity Boo one, too!! :)

Dolce Baci said...

Adorable! I am feeling better thank you!

Wendy said...

Those are adorable. Definitly bookmarking her site for when I have some extra money. So many cute signs to choose from! Thanks for sharing.

Tara said...

those are fabulous! i think i could spend a small fortune in her store!

Shana said...

What a great shop!! I love that it's all custom and her prices are reasonable!

Lisa said...

I love, love, love those! If we ever buy a new house I'll be stocking up. Until then maybe I'll buy just a few!


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