Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Apparently I'm a pervert

So, I was coming home from running errands this afternoon {happened to be right after school got out - lots of kids walking home} and I opened my front gate and saw these two sweet faces looking at me from the window:

Their little bodies were shaking from their tails wagging so hard.  So, naturally I started making kissy noises at them.  How could I not?  About five seconds of kissy noises go by when I hear, in the nastiest tone of voice "Pervert!"  I turn around and see a little boy (maybe 8 or 9?) and he's giving me this awful look. 

Me: "Did you just call me a pervert?"
Him: "Yes.  Don't try to pick up on me again or I'll call the cops.  I know where you live."
Me: "Hey dumb dumb, look in the window.  I'm making those noises at my dogs."
Him: "Whatever, pervert."
Me: "Have a nice day."

Seriously?!?!  I'm all for teaching your kids about safety and stranger danger, but wow.  Oh well.  My dogs were happy to see me.


Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

HAHAHA! What a funny story :)

Jacci said...

Ha! OK, I've been following you for a while now but never commented. That is just too funny though. I nannied for kids in college who said stuff like that all the time but I never quite knew what to say.

My daughter is just a little younger than yours, so I love reading along. The picture of Leila in her rain boots is so precious!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Awh, thanks Jacci!

Isn't that just the weirdest thing for a kid to say?! Crazy!!

Tara said...

ROTFLMAO! oh. my. gosh. that is the funniest story i have heard in a long time.

The Designing Studio said...

that's hilarious. I'm a mom of 2 boys and I HOPE they don't even know what the word "pervert" means! ps-I saw you on peeps that popped up on my site.

the thorntons said...

HAHAHA that is funny. Crazy kid!

SAM said...

Huh? What a weirdo!


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