Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Making the most of the rain AGAIN!

Yesterday Tony was supposed to have a very important softball game, but about an hour before it was supposed to start it started pouring!!  Tony was bummed and said the only thing that would make him feel better was chocolate chip cookies.  Being the good wife I (occasionally) am I obliged.  We made the most out of the rainy afternoon by having a movie day!  We all snuggled up under a big blanket, watched "The Aristocats", Leila had hot cocoa, Tony hot cider and me hot tea.  I think it was way better than softball!!

PS - recognize the plate from my DIY Cake Stand?  Super glue doesn't work so well, so right now it's back to being just a plate.  Any suggestions for a stronger glue?!


the thorntons said...

I heard that tile glue like Make-It Mosaics™ Tile Adhesive. is good for ceramics. Apple cider sounds so yummy right now.

Anonymous said...

how about caulk? it holds onto tiles in the shower, it should hold the glass to glass.
PS- I heart your cake stand idea!!

Tara said...

im definitely not letting matt read your blog. it makes me look like a bad wife. haha! tony is so lucky to have you! and your afternoon sounded BLISSFUL.

SAM said...

Sounds like a perfect afternoon for me! When I first read that, I read the Aristocrats, and I'm pretty sure you all didn't watch that with Leila!


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