Wednesday, December 16, 2009

320 Weekend Recap

Last Friday afternoon, Heather, Mel and I drove down to Southern California for our big Project 320 weekend. 
How much do three girls need for barely 48 hours?  This much:
We were anticipating an ugly drive down, since it was rainy but all the rain cleared up pretty quickly and we had NO traffic.  (On a Friday night, no less!)  We got to Erin's beautiful house, unloaded our goods and once everyone else got there we started chatting like we've all known each other our entire lives.

We started digging through the tons of packages that had been delivered to Julie's house, and were aamzed by people's generosity!

The next morning we went to Haute Cakes where to girls spoiled me with the most beautiful gifts for Gianna, including this diaper cake (with pink rosé in the middle!! YUM!)

After Haute Cakes we went to Trader Joe's for groceries, and then to (my favorite!) Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf:

I don't care how cold it was, I was getting my black forest ice blended.  Delish!

Then we went back to Erin's, did some more Project 320 work and the cooking began.  Marta made her famous Pottery Barn dip:

It's amazing.  Seriously - make it.

A little later we had a little birthday celebration for Julie! 
Heather made this ridiculously cute bunting:

and we stuck to a turquoise and orange theme:

Like I mentioned in an earlier post we were up until 4am, and this pregger who has been feeling yucky and tired for the last several months hung in there and felt pretty darn good! 

We left fairly early the next morning, but were already brainstorming when we can all do it again.

Truly one of the best weekends ever!

Thanks, Mel - I swiped (and picnicked) most of these pictures straight from your blog : )


Tara said...

sounds like so much fun!!!!!

janessa said...

um, clearly it's been too long since I've seen you... your hair is sooo long and you look beautiful!

Happy to hear the weekend went so well! Yay for girl time... even better for a great cause!

Jill said...

Oh what fun!!! - and the post below...what a DOLL!!!! :)
oooh, and trying the yummy dip this weekend too!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Swipe as many pictures as you want!
Such a fun weekend!


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