Thursday, December 3, 2009


Yesterday, just in my g-mail inbox I had 133 new messages.  Today (well technically yesterday since it's after midnight) I had 114.  I'm feeling popular, but overwhelmed. Just about all of those emails were etsy convos, etsy orders, local customer questions or local orders.  I'm grateful.  Very grateful.  But, wow!

So, etsy and my local customers have been keeping me busy, which would normally be awesome, but Tony's been working OT and I've been having some pregnancy-related issues that are making things HARD.  To add to that I'm in a boutique this Friday.  I made a handful of necklaces (some best sellers, some new things)  and I thought I was in pretty good shape until one of my very best and very favorite customers called. (Hi, Ellen - thanks again!)  She came by and bought more than half of my pre-made stock.  So, I stressed for a few minutes about making more to have available, but decided that I'll bring what I already have done, and just take custom orders.  If I don't sell much, oh well.  I'm sharing the booth with my good friend, so even if there isn't much selling going on there will be plenty of chatting and good times.

So, here I am answering the last of today's 114 emails and writing a blog post.  I'm realizing as I'm typing how silly it is to stress out about any of this.  There are moms across the world stressing out about the lack of clean water to give to their children, and whether or not those children will live to see another day.  So, if your heart feels open to it please donate.  If you have any questions - shoot me an email - I'd love to answer them!  {And I'm sorry if it comes at 1:00am!}


Autumn said...

I am so so so so proud of my fav entrepreneur cousin!!! Who would have thunk you'd blow up as much as you have. Just keep thinking about the nice time off you will be taking for the holidays.

Tara said...

can i help you with anything?! leila can come over and play with brady anytime to give you a break! i can bring you dinner or whatever else may help you! even if you just need some help cleaning house, im here! i know running after a toddler and being pregnant AND having your uber successful business stuff is probably exhausting. PLEASE dont hesitate to ask. im serious.

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Thanks, girls!

Tara- I think things will start slowing down soon, but I apreciate your sweet offer!


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