Thursday, February 18, 2010

Glitter toes

So, this is kind of random, but I thought I'd share since it's a fun (and easy) project for mom's with girls.  Last night Leila asked me to paint her toes glittery. Since she wanted ONLY purple glitter I simply painted on a base coat of polish, shook some Martha glitter over each toe, let it dry a minute, and then put a clear top coat on top of that.

                                                               Here are the tootsies, before I cleaned the sides up with nail polish remover:
they look a lot better today, since all of the extra bits of glitter have come off, and when I picked Leila up at MOPs today the teacher said she kept kicking off her shoes to show off her "sparkly tootsies"

On a side note, here is a picture Tony insisted on taking of me yesterday (38 weeks, 2 days pregnant)
After the initial worry of Gianna being born too early, I think she might fool us and be late.  We'll see.

Happy Thursday!


Jill said...

You know I LOVE those little *glitter* toes! I think I may have to try it along with my girlies!! and you look WAY TO CUTE!!!! not fair!:)
Many Blessings!

Gina said...

You look gorgeous. Seriously. I'm jealous.

G Unit Momma said...

Aww you look great!

Tara said...

you look really beautiful, h! and i am OBSESSED with that color on the wall behind you. is that gianna's nursery? is that color like a coral?! i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Thanks, ladies!

Tara ~ that is Gianna's nursery! The walls are a pale-peachy color and my friend is painting trees and owls. I can't wait for it to be finished so I can tae {and post} some pictures!!

Lisa said...

You look fabulous!! Love the toes too!

Tara said...

ahhh i cant wait to see!!!!! that color is just fantastic! i may just steal it if or when we have a girl! its just perfect.

i cant wait for baby g! i want to take pics of her! :)

Teri said...

I miss admit I LOVE those little glitter toes!! She so has your feet,which is too cute. We love Flintstone feet. And purple polish and glitter, Bamma's favorite !!!!

Sparlo said...

Love the picture of you, Grate!
Leilia's toes cute, I'd love to see them with the toe stones I gave her for V-day.


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