Monday, March 1, 2010

Eviction Notice

Dear Gianna,
      Well, today is my due date.  While you're not technically "late" I must admit - you had us all fooled (scared, even!) thinking you would come too early.  Here we are, five weeks after you initially tricked us just waiting and waiting for you to come out.  While I've enjoyed watching you distort my stomach into all sorts of shapes over the last couple of months I'm excited to actually see you and hold you and love you.  We all are, especially your big sister who asks just about every hour of everyday when you're going to come.

So, my sweet Gianna, if you could please hurry your cute, little self along and come out and meet us we'd all appreciate it.

Lots of Love,
Mama, Daddy and Leila


Kelly said...

Happy Due date!
I hope baby G makes her appearance soon!

Jill said...

The "day" is not over yet! :) perhaps she is just choosing to arrive fashionably late! :)
and I'm so glad to know her room has owls! :)
Many Blessings! (and still prayers!)

Unknown said...

I'm sure you are excited and anxious for her arrival! Good luck:)

Tara said...

i have to admit, i have been obsessively checking your blog to see if you've had her. im thinking of you and i hope you are still feeling ok!

Dolce Baci said...

Best wishes for you and your family! I'm sure she will be here any time now!

Sparlo said...

Enjoy what rest you can get now. If she is anything like your mom, she'll show up @ 3:43 AM. Rest well, xoxo gma

April said...

You poor thing. Your girls really make you work, don't they?? I hope Baby G makes her appearance soon. And fast. And pain free ; )

Thinking of you!!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

thinking of you tonight as you await the arrival of sweet Gianna! you will be holding her SOON!!!

Lindsayb-mo said...

Hope your precious little girl has come along! =)


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