Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Tony mentioned that since we've been home I've been "extra happy" and going around smiling a lot.  Why shouldn't I be?  My family is healthy and all at home with me.  This birth experience was so different (much better!) than the last, and I feel like things just couldn't be better.

I've been feeling very grateful lately.

Grateful for:

My girls who are both healthy and happy.
My husband who I fall in love with all over again every time I see him with our girls.
My parents for everything, including re-stocking our empty refrigerator.
My dogs who are so good with both girls; very curious about Gianna but gentle and loving.
Being brought homemade tomato soup (my favorite!) on Sunday night, when I was having the worst migraine of my life.
Baby mohawks.
The way I've been feeling.  Aside from Sunday's migraine things have been great - I sometimes forget that I *just* had a baby!
My amazing doctor.
Gianna being such an easy nurser.
Leila being so go-with-the-flow.
Fabulous nurses.
Big, blue eyes staring up at me right now.
My brother and (soon-to-be-SIL) Dana
My friends.
My blackberry.
Baby squeaks.
Teeny, tiny newborn toes.

Leila's complete love and adoration for Gianna.
Sleeping baby smiles.
Being a family of four.
Absolutely everything.

What are you grateful for today?


Gina said...

I am grateful that before I know it, I'll get to experience all of those fun things too! :)

Melissa said...


Your babies are beautiful! What a special time for you are truly blessed! Sounds like you're enjoying this time, as you should be. Congratulations!

Jill said...

everything!!! really...just so many Blessings- small and big- and I'm so grateful you all are doing so well too! What a beautiful family!!
Many Blessings!

Erin Burns said...

Awesome post. It makes me so happy that you are feeling so great and really enjoying every minute! Can't wait to meet her in person. XO

Lindsayb-mo said...

Congratulations on your precious new bundle! I am so happy for you. My little guy is now 5 months old. It goes by way too fast!
Thank you for such a great post. It has inspired me to do my own grateful post! =)

Tara said...

i love love love this post. not to be completely cheesy, but it honestly made me tear up. it brought back all those amazing emotions (and ones i look forward to experiencing) i had when i first brought brady home. its like a high. life is SO good and you are SO grateful and feel so blessed. you are just SO happy. there is nothing better in the world.

i am so happy everything has been going so smoothly for you. leila looks like shes a terrific big sister. and tony, well, we all know he is just an incredible dad!

i know ive said it before, but i am really envious of your parents. you have really, really, really good ones. and well, i have really crappy ones. you and your girls are so very lucky.

ok, longest comment ever. i just really, really loved this post. cant wait to see you tomorrow!

Alison said...

Beautiful post Heather! And again, congrats on your expanded family. Today... I'm grateful for a healthy (almost) one year old - who's ear infections and snotty nose since Jan. FINALLY seem to be gone! ;)

Unknown said...

Ryan and I would like to tell you how grateful we are for you! We love you, Tony, Leila and Gianna more than we can describe. In fact if we were writing a list of what were grateful for, You guys would for sure be in the top 4. Anyways, don't feel like we expect that in return or anything, we're just saying.

HAHA! In all serious, we are soooo happy that you have such a perfect and complete family. I don't think life can get better than having two perfect little girls. I hope we can have what you guys have one day. =)

Love, Wubby and Roo


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