Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hair Funk

This is random, I know.  And so silly in the grand scheme of things, BUT...I'm in a total hair funk.  I'm mad at my hair for not being cool, effortless, "I just woke up with fabulous hair" hair, and I've got way too much going on in the mornings to actually do my 'do.  Ugh.  My hair is a little past my shoulders, and grows super fast.  It's got wave, but not so much wave that I can put some product in it when it's wet, and let it air dry to be something pretty.  I don't want to cut it, because I cut about 12" when Leila was four months old, and after about a week regretted it, so I'm trying to wait until Gianna's a year old before I do a big chop.  I *used* to be a natural blonde, but for the past ten or so years I've had to buy my blonde.  I currently have a 1.5" brown stripe down the center of my head, even though I just got highlights about two weeks before Gianna was born.  Like I said, my hair grows fast, but since I'm still taking prenatal vitamins it grows even faster.  I'll be adding some lowlights, but not going completely dark - I just can't do it!

In an ideal world I'd have the hair of any one of these gorgeous women:

So, my question is - are there any hair dressers or just cool chicks who are good at making their hair look cute?  What are your suggestions for me?  Any cute hair accessories you'd suggest?  Every once in a while I'll borrow one of Leila's headbands, but I'm thinking I should probably get some grown up hair accessories.  I'm going to see my hair dresser on Saturday, and I'll be picking her brand as well, but in the meantime please, suggest away!  Please send me the links of any cool things you think I have to have, and thank you in advance!


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janessa said...

Whenever I get this way.. I tend to go into my hair dresser and say "Here's what I'm working with... I have no time to do my hair, so it has to be quick and easy. I have a little wave [points] here and here. What can you do for me?"

And she goes to town. I used to take in pics... but then I realized I didn't have the same face shape as the celeb, so the cut didn't fall the same on my face.

I, of course, ended up with super short hair... but I love it. That being said, it's been this way for over a year now (wow!) and I'm currently growing it out to my shoulders (I think). That being said, my stylist still makes it look ultra fab for the inbetween sessions. Good luck! TRUST your hairdresser!


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