Friday, April 30, 2010

Style Tip: Mix it Up!

I've been doing a ton of initial neckalces lately, and I wanted to remind people that I also have a bunch of symbols available.  I a single heart, double hearts, a sunshine, paw print, peace sign, baby foot print and so many more!  NO, I don't have pictures available because I'm lame.  I plan on stamping them all and taking pictures as soon as I get the chance, but lately and little bit of free time I have I'm doing orders, and then as soon as I'm done or finishing up Gianna or Leila need me.  Like I said, as soon as I get the chance I'll take some pictures!

In the meantime, here's a reminder to mix it up. : )

1 comment:

Four Fit Sisters said...

I have never seen the baby footprints...that might be TOO cute :)


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