Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back from Holla(nd)

Monday and Tuesdsay were spent mostly at Mel's house for a little Holla reunion with myself, Mel, Heather M., Julie and Erin.  We missed our dear Marta BIG time!  We hungout, ate, crafted a little and talked a lot!

It was great.  Even Coco (otherwise known as Gianna) got to come and hang out for a bit.  We found cute, cheap shoes and made rolled fabric roses to make them cuter.  My fingers are still recovering from the hot glue.

(thanks for the pic, Mel)

Early yesterday morning we all met up at my house for a quick breakfast and then I drove them off to the most random, sketchy airport ever.  They survived, but apparently the pilot had just learned to fly.

I love these girls one million plus 2575 :)


Denissa said...

How fun! Love the shoes, I just picked up some @ target too :)

Jill said...

SO fun!!! and those are the cutest stinkin' shoes EVER!!!

Erin Burns said...

I love you 2575 times one million TOO!


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