Monday, September 20, 2010

GIVEAWAY! {and little mini book review}

I've got a giveaway for you, and I think you're going to love it.... 

I met Wendy through my friend, Mel.  She is a hilarious mama who totally tells it like it is.  She is a speaker, a former actress (who totally knows Paul Walker - yum!) and author of Totally Desperate Mom: Keepin' it Real in the Motherhood.  I finished her book the other night and it has seriously got to be one of the best books I've ever read!  The hilarious, real-life stories are ones you want to share with your friends, and her honesty about being stretched to your limits makes you feel like you're not alone in "The Motherhood."

Sound like a book you want to read?  Well, luckily I have one to giveaway to you.

To enter to win your own copy just leave me a comment (only one) with either A) Your most embarassing motherhood moment ~OR~ B) Something you're most looking forward to about motherhood.

My most embarassing moment?  Being in line at Starbucks with Leila, and having her say (in a very sweet, but very LOUD voice) "Why does that man have girl hair?"  With a man with long hair was in line right in front of us, just a few inches away.  Oy!

{Winner will be picked and announced by Monday 9/27 in the morning!}


Gina said...

I NEED this book.

My most embarrassing mom moment was when I was walking through the grocery store and my son kept accusing me, VERY loudly, "Mommy, you tooted! Mommy, I heard you toot!"

For the record, I did not, thankyouverymuch. :)

ready to elope... said...

My most embarassing moment so far( she is only 14 months!) is when I did my grocery shopping with poop smeared on my shirt from a messy blow out earlier. Excepet I had no idea, but could smell something funky...gross, I know.

Tara said...

i wish i would have had my checkbook on me the other day! if i dont win ur giveaway, im ordering a copy! her talk was just too funny. perfect way to start this semester of mops!!

my most humiliating moment was when i was probably a month post partum and so sleep deprived and tired and out of it. i had run to the store to pick up dinner and the little girl in front of me in line says to her mom "why does that girl have wet spots on her boooooobies?!"

yeah, i had totally leaked through and didnt realize it and was walking around safeway like that!!!!

awful, awful, awful.

Erica said...

Let's see...most embarrassing moment would have to be getting felt up by one of my boys and him saying while kneading and playing with my boobs: "Mommy--your boobies aren't big they are too small for me". Nice, huh? ;)

Cia said...

This book is amazing. I also enjoyed Wendy's say it like it is attitude. The book made me laugh made me cry and made me know I am not alone in this adventure of motherhood! Totally worth trying to win in this giveaway!!!

Teri said...

I will give you two of my most embarrassing moments with you my sweet girl. You were getting your first haircut (2 1/2 yrs old)and asked me loud and clear "why that man was sooooooooo fat?" Granted, he was about 400 lbs, but I wanted to die!! Luckily he was so sweet about. Your other glory moment was when you were 3 1/2 with your brother in the snuggle and you in the shopping cart. We were paying and asked again in your big girl voice " how come that lady has green teeth with holes in them? She was not so nice about it and I was beet red !! Of course Dad thought both accounts were hilarious xoxo...Mom

Melissa said...

I was at a wedding and my daughter decided to tell a couple of people that I had went #2 in the bathroom. Fortunately the people were cool with it and made me feel comfortable and laugh about it.

Ashley Newell said...

We were at a birthday party with mixed company and Parker decided it was time to eat so he pulled down at my v-neck shirt flashing everyone. Oy!

Heather B said...

I had just nursed my baby and went into Papa Murpheys to order some pizza. I ordered my food and wondered why the teenaged boy cashier was red in the face and wouldn't even look at me. I waited around for my food and then went to the next store. I found a shirt that was kinda cute so I headed over to the dressing rooms. As I walked by the mirrors I looked at myself and to my horror I discovered I had forgotten to button up my shirt!!! Good grief! That poor boy! Being a Mom is AWESOME!

Megan :) said...

I have a story about my oldest boy...when he was 12 we were talking about flying (something he wished he could a super power kinda thing) and then he blurted out, "Hey mom you could use your wings and take me for a ride!!" He was referring to my flabby upper arms as 'wings'. My jaw hit the floor!

Sarah A. said...

YAY! I am dying to get a copy of this book!

Well being the mom of a 7 week old I have not really had an embarrassing moment. I get embarrassed easy so I'm nervous when the time comes.

I'm most excited about Brianna's first real laugh & the first time she gets really excited to see me (ok and daddy too). There is nothing better then the look of pure happiness when a little one see's mommy or daddy after they have been away. Its like they never thought mom or dad would be back & they are shocked & excited.

Thanks for doing this giveaway Heather!

Josie said...

There are too many to recall as far as embarrassing moments...that said, here is one that stands out:

My daughter, Jacklyn, had just mastered the art of using the potty. Not only did she get to pick out new underwear, but she was proud as all get out as well.

We were walking into the grocery store as an older gentleman was walking out.

My daughter then proceeded to engage in the following conversation at the same time pulling her dress up over her head.

"Look at my pretty kitty! Look at my pretty kitty! My kitty is pretty, huh?"

The nice fellow just smiled, nodded and proceeded to walk out.

My daughter had Hello Kitty underwear. We've since worked on the not letting other people see what underwear you are wearing rule.


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