Monday, September 6, 2010


Woot woot!!  Exactly 225 followers, which means there are two winners!

Thanks to Angie Mae and Amaya Wren both win the necklace of their choice!  You have until Friday to email me, ladies until I pick again :)  I'm thinking for every 25 new followers I get I'll do a giveaway - what do you think??

How did you celebrate your long weekend?  We had a party every single day, and today was my dad's birthday- happy birthday, dad!!

We ended off the long weekend by coming home, watching some random tv and I made a cute ribbon and pearl necklace for Leila.  I'm kind of loving how it came out - maybe I'll post a tutorial?  Anyways, I have to get to bed now....tomorrow is "meet the teacher" day at Leila's school!

Nighty night!


Angie Mae said...

Wow!!! I'm so excited to win one of your gorgeous necklaces! I just sent you an e-mail with all my info. Thank you for being so kind and generous!


Tara said...

no way! landon and levi are the two boy names we are debating on right now! haha! how funny they are both on your necklace!!


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