Thursday, October 7, 2010


Just today, Leila and I were driving.  My girl looked into the sky and saw a flock of geese flying. 

L: "Mama, look how beautiful those ducks are." 
H: "Those aren't ducks, those are geese." 
L: "Oh.  Look at how beautiful those geese are.  OH NO!!!!!!!!!!" {screaming}
H: "What happened? Are you ok?" {frantic}
L: "I think the front geese farted.  The geese behind him are flying away."
H: {laughing}  "Maybe.  You had me scared there for a minute."
L: "Mama, which is the worst?  Duck farts, geese farts, or daddy farts?"
H: "I honestly don't know."

Hope you're having a happy day :)


Tara said...

LMAO!!!! she is awesome.

Alison said...

LOL!! Love it!!

Denissa said...

LOL!!!! I love it :)

amaya said...

That is funny!

TDM Wendy said...

Daddy farts. Hands down.


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