Saturday, October 16, 2010

My issue with costumes

So, my cousins threw an amazing Halloween Costume Party/Wedding Shower for my brother and his fiance.  I was super excited, since I haven't dressed up for Halloween in a while.  Excited until I started looking for a costume.  Ugh.  Why is it that every costume for women is sexy?!  Sexy nurse, sexy firefighter, sexy Alice, sexy Big Bird (seriously), sexy mouse, sexy Cinderella, sexy nun, sexy everything.  A.)  I don't have the body for those costumes B.)  Even if I did, I don't want my goods hanging out for all to see and C.) WHY?!

I asked what Leila wanted me to be and she suggested Alice (in Wonderland) or Cinderella.  Sounded good to me.  I spent hours checking the stores and was really disappointed to find that 95% of costumes offered for women are cut up to HERE on the skirt, and down to THERE on the tops.  Lame.  Don't get me wrong - I could have easily been a doctor in scrubs or a very drab witch.  Not my style at all.  I had to get creative, which I don't mind, but it would have been nice to at least have the option to just go to the store and buy something.  (And, yes - I did find some really cute non-sexy costumes online, but I wasn't willing to pay $100+ for a costume, and then shipping.)

I ended up going as the Mad Hatter from the new Alice in Wonderland.  I glue gunned a green boa onto a green shirt, made a fun brooch with tulle and playing cards (that you can't see at all - I'll try to get a pic)  I curled and ratted my hair, sprayed it bright orange, had a sparkly green top hat headband, a green bowtie, and did fun makeup.  (The only good shot of the makeup is me doing a silly, ahem, sexy face so I omited it)  I got some awesome blue feather lashes, and had fun with it.

Leila was Fancy Nancy and has the cutest costume, but was not in a picture-taking mood (shock of all shocks.)  I'll get some good pictures of my fancy girl in her costume on Halloween!

Tony wore his hockey gear, blacked out a few teeth and I punched him (just kidding - makeup) and was a hockey player.  Gianna was Fancy Nancy's "posh puppy"  I'll get some good pictures of her in her costume on Halloween, as well. 

I'm going to re-make the headband with bigger ears before Halloween.

The cute bride and groom-to-be were Fred and Wilma:

So, friends - what are your thoughts on costumes?  For the record I have no issue with sexy Halloween costumes at all, it just bothers me that it seems to be all. you. can. find.  What are you going to be this Halloween?  What about your kiddos?  Your dogs?  Talk to me, people!!

And just for funzies, a picture from a Jersey Shore themed birthday party me and my real-life guido went to last week:

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Gina said...

L is, of course, going to be Harry Potter, and G is going to be an owl. ;) I looked for a Hermione costume but got the same sexy selection you did. I normally love the sexy costumes but my post-partum body isn't having it this year.

forever folding laundry said...

I totally agree.
The Halloween costumes are out of control. And it *really* bugs me that not only are the adult costumes sexy, but the teen/tween costumes as well!! Crazy.

Love your costume - love your lashes - love Fancy Nancy! Nice job! :)


Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

that settles it! i'm gonna be sexy big bird!

Emmy Lou said...

Halloween is my favorite part of the year, as theme parties seem to be M.I.A. since college.

This year Tim and I are going to do the classic Maverick and Goose from Top Gun- because who doesn't love a kid's XXL flight suit with all the badges already on it?! Also, a good excuse to buy some new aviators. Unfortunately, after deciding on this "no-craft costume" (I make them every year and tend to procrastinate), we realized Tim is firmly in the adult sizes at 6'4" so I had to sew on all his patches to match mine. Boo.

Polka Dot Moon said...

I've seen the SEXY Big Bird and it freaked me out! I so agree with you as to why everything has to be made into a sexy costume. Maybe the manufactures have lost all creativity!

LOVE the Jersey Shore pics! Totally right on and what a HOOT!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

I totally agree with this post! What is up with the crazy adult costumes??!? We have a costume party next weekend & I haven't found an outfit. I LOVE your bro & sil's idea! Do you know where they get those costumes? Kevin and I can be fred & wilma!!!

Jules said...

Killing me with the epic costumes!!!!!
Hawt makeup too girl!!!
Adorable. Just adorable.


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