Friday, December 3, 2010

AFD Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

This gift guide was the easiest......hmm, wonder why.  A few of the things I'm hoping for, and think you'll like too.

Dear Lillie Fairyland quote tee. I think this is just the cutest shirt ever.  Looks super comfy, and the silhouette + ribbon?!?!  So right up my alley!  Throw this on with a pair of jeans and Uggs and you're stylish and comfortable.  I'm also in love with the Mary Poppins "Think Lovely Thoughts" tee.  $29.95, Dear Lillie on Etsy.

Allora Handmade.  I literally want the entire shop.  In every color.  How cute is every single thing that Jess makes?!   I'm kind of dying for a Modern Pearl statement necklace in *any* color.  And a Don't Buy Me Flowers for each color of the week, please!  Sigh.  I love it all.  Prices $9 - $37

 The Candy Corn Brilla.  Confession: I live in hoodies.  I love them and wish I were coole nough to embellish my own, but I'm not.  EVERYTHING in Evy's Tree is amazing.  They have things for every member of the family, and you can match your little ones. I'm going to match my girls as long as they let me!  (So that means they each need a mini cc brilla too!)  Each item is handmade, and you can tell Amy puts a lot of love into it all.  $68.50, Evy's Tree on Etsy.

Anything from Much Ado About You.  Why is it that physically writing down your plans makes it so much easier to sink in your head, rather than typing it into your smart phone?  Much Ado About You Calendars are gorgeous and functional, and you will use it (and show it off all the time)  $42 - $54, Much Ado About You on Etsy.  (Don't forget to use code "hg10" at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase!)

Seabreeze Ruffled Camera Strap.  My husband makes fun of me because my camera strap has what he calls a "wardrobe"  Girls need plenty of options, and I've decided that my camera is a girl.  I'm currently in love with this ruffled camera strap from Eclectic Whatnot and think that my camera strap would happily sport this pretty for a while.  $35, Eclectic Whatnot on Etsy.

Modern Vintage Rose Ring.  In every color :)  Only $15 and a totally chic statement piece.  Admit it - you want one!

Sephora by OPI 18-piece nail polish set.  Another confessions: I have a major obsession with nail polish. One day I should take a picture of the hundreds(!) of nail polishes I own.  This set has eighteen mini nail polishes in a wide array of colors that should keep even this nail polish connoisseur happy for a while.  $48, Sephora.

Peacock Rain Boots.  How cute are these?!?!  And functional too - what a bonus.  They're only $24.99 from my happy place - Target - also known in this household as the Red Dot Boutique.

Cyphert bag by Aldo.  I love Aldo shoes and accessories.  This bag comes in three neutral colors and is the perfect addition to any outfit.  $45, Aldo Shoes.
Michael Kors Charm sunglasses.  Particularly the Olive/Brown ones.  I tried these on over the summer at Nordstrom (when they were full price!) and fell in love.  Now they're on for just about $50.  I highly recommend them and am asking for them for myself!  $49.99,

So tell me, friends.  What's on your wishlist? Next gift guide coming up: for boys.


amaya said...

Youare amazing for doing these; I have bought so many gifts from your guides so far! I lovethose hoodies; now it's a matter of convinsing my husband that I need one!

Denissa said...

I LOVE the hoodie!!! And I too could take one of everything @ Allora :) love the nail polish set too!!

amaya said...

I just ordered my sister in law the singlessase in the oasis color


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