Saturday, December 11, 2010

AFD Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide: for the (little) girls

This was by far the easiest gift guide for me to make (wonder why...)  Little girls, in my opinion are so fun to shop for!  Here are some of my suggestions for the little girls in your life:

Anything by Lil Blue Boo.  Leila owns a ton of LBB - in fact, there is a specific LBB section in her closet!  Ashley and Lisa make the best, most unique, most comfortable clothing.  Leila has a bunch of the dresses, but LBB is now offering coordinating seperates (I'm dying for my girls to get some of those ruffled pants!), doll clothing, and so much more!  Every piece you buy from Lil Blue Boo is sure to be something you and your girl(s) treasure!  Prices vary, Little Blue Boo on Big Cartel.

Fairyland Thermal with Ribbon.  This shirt is one of my new obsessions, and Leila will be getting it for Christmas.  Dear Lillie makes some truly gorgeous clothing.  I already have ths wrapped and waiting in my Christmas stash for Leila :) $24.95, Dear Lillie on Etsy

Easy Bake Oven.  If you (like myself) had one of these when you were a little girl, you know how much fun they are.  Leila asked for one for Christmas, and (shh!) Santa got it for her.  $21.99, (or on sale for $18 at Target stores this week)

Petite Modern Vintage Rose Earrings  These earrings are way too cute (I know I'm biased, but seriously they are!)  After selling more than fifty pairs at a boutique last week I know that it's not just myself and my girls who love them, but  a lot of girls and their mamas!  All listed earrings are in stock and ready to ship.  I know your little girl would love a pair (or two!) in her stocking!  $8,

Tickets to go see "Tangled"  One of the cutest Disney movies in a long time!  Great story, great music - a wonderful "date" for you and your girl!  Prices vary

Vintage Blush Feather and Flower Headband.  Perfect for the stylish girl in your life.  Leila calls any headband (or clip) with a feather on it a "style headband"  She cracks me up.  Maybe order this in a size that would fit both yours and your daughter's heads....or better yet get two so you can match!  $16, Little Birdcage on Etsy.  **If you're local, Little Birdcage will be at the AFD Jewelry boutique this Sunday, 12/12!**

Gussy Sews Strawberry Zipped Pouch.  Perfect for whatever your little miss just must carry around!  Bright, beautiful fabric with a signature Gussy ruffle!  Perfection.  $21, Shop Gussy.

Mini Polka Dot Brilla Hoodie.  Ruffles are one of my many obsessions.  Could ya tell?  Evy's Tree is also one of my (new) obsessions.  The most beautiful, unique hoodies made by a stay-at-home mama.  What's better?  Now your girl can have some fabulous, ruffled goodness she's sure to cherish!  $44.50, Evy's Tree on Etsy.

What is on your little girl's list this year?!

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amaya said...

if I had a million dollars I would byu everything on all of your lists. Really lvoe the ruffley sweater and the shirt!


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